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Fresh camel milk orders are sent to all airports in South Africa serviced by Airlink Cargo. You need to collect from the airport. Orders in Gauteng are delivered to the address provided on the order.

Our next fresh milk delivery will be on 19 July (Gauteng deliveries during the week of 22 July). Please place your order on or before Tuesday 16 July.

The fresh camel milk is unpasteurised. Please note the disclaimer in the product description.

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The fresh camel milk is unpasteurised and untreated and though we do our best to ensure the quality of the milk, by buying the unpasteurised milk, you accept the risks associate with the consumption of unpasteurised milk. The milk is packed in 4 x 1 litre bottles and frozen immediately. The frozen milk can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 weeks but needs to be consumed within 5 days once defrosted.

We deliver to all airports serviced by Airlink Cargo. We will communicate the flight details on the day of dispatch from Upington Airport.

Gauteng orders: Bluesage Couriers collects the parcels on Monday morning for distribution throughout Gauteng. They will communicate a delivery date and time. Please contact them if you want to change your delivery time.

As the producer of the milk, we do not provide any medical advice including regarding the dosage. Please contact your medical practitioner or Christina Adams on or Whatsapp her on +1 949 355 5938 USA.

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