Camel Milk Powder 350g


Camel milk powder produced from camels that browse on natural vegetation in the Kalahari, South Africa.

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Our camel milk is most likely the most nutritious and ethically produced milk available in South Africa. Our camels are looked after by people who love and care for them. They roam freely in large open spaces and selecting their food from 50+ indigenous Kalahari plant species. Their diet is supplemented with pesticide-free lucerne produced by a biological farmer in Upington. The milk is a natural whole milk, nothing added and nothing removed. Our calves are kept 24/7 with their mothers for the first month and thereafter get to spend 2 hours a day and even some weekends with their mothers for the first year. We never use antibiotics and do not treat the camels with any hormones.

The powder is packed in a sealed container which allows it so stay fresh for months.

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